Music Ministries

Adult Choir

Music Ministry at Saturday 5:00 pm & Sunday 10:30 am Masses.
Practice suspended during the summer
Contact: Arlene Roberge

Children's Choir:

Children's Choir is a true gift to give your child. They learn the love of the Lord and of music at the same time.
Music Ministry at select Sunday 10:30 am Mass.
(See Religious Education Schedule for dates)
Practice on Wednesday Nights at 5:30 pm (during school year)
Contact: Carol Strandburg
Mrs Strandburg has a degree from Syracuse University in Music and has been giving our children this gift for many years.

With Him In Music (WHIM)

Music Ministry at Sunday 5:00 pm (Lifeteen) Mass (during school year)
Practice on Sundays at 3:00 pm (during school year)
Contact: Mark Funke